5 Contemporary Design Ideas for Lake House Living Spaces

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Your lake house isn’t just the place you go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s the place that helps you come alive. You’re not alone, either.

Research shows that 54% of people over age 5 in the U.S. in 2021 took part in outdoor activities, including visiting lakes, and lake vacations continue to be in demand. Visiting the lake remains popular due to the recreational opportunities and scenic beauty they offer year-round, including during the peak of summer and the most frigid winter days.

An important part of enjoying lake house living, though, is being surrounded by beauty not only outside but also inside. That’s where well-thought-out interior design for lake homes comes into play. Let’s explore five contemporary design ideas for lake house living spaces this year.

Ramp Up the Rustic

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Decorate your lake house with an eclectic twist by merging the modern and the rustic. Use recycled wood for structural beams in the living room to offer history and durability. Next, add a stunning stone fireplace to the mix to create a nature-inspired focal point, offering a rustic look and a warm feel.

Contrast the lake house’s rustic elements with modern, sleek furniture featuring clean lines. Installing tall windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling can further elevate your space by allowing natural light to flow into your home and highlighting your property’s captivating lake views.

Go Bold in the Bedroom

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Make your bedroom the serene lake house retreat spot you’ve always dreamed of with the right ceiling design, linens, furniture, and accents. Consider renovating the space to create a dazzling ceiling, featuring exposed beams to create an airy, open feeling. Incorporate light-colored, top-quality linens to foster a feeling of relaxation and calm. Choose lake house furniture pieces like a traditional media stand or high-quality wood storage and dressers to create an atmosphere of rejuvenation and elegance by the water.

Top off the bedroom with subtle nautical elements, like decorative pillows or artwork. You can even add an aquarium to the room to make the space more tranquil. Aquarium supplies such as driftwood and lava rock can instantly elevate the aquarium’s underwater aquascape.

Make the Kitchen Sizzle

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Cultivate a delightful culinary experience by mixing the contemporary with the rustic in your lake house kitchen. Choose cutting-edge appliances for a sleek appearance and greater efficiency. Integrate beautiful shelves and countertops made of reclaimed wood for extra warmth.

Add accessibility and character by openly displaying rustic kitchenware like a wooden cutting board, vintage mason jars, a cast-iron skillet, wooden spoons, copper pots, and stoneware bowls. Enamel-coated bakeware can also give your lake house the nostalgic farmhouse vibe you’ll love coming home to time and time again. Thankfully, there are a lot of amazing kitchen trends that one can check out to spruce up the kitchen.

Give the Dining Room a Dashing Look

Dining lakeside can be a sophisticated experience when you introduce contemporary lake house decor featuring a combination of traditional and modern vibes. A wooden farmhouse table is perfect for creating a welcoming and timeless dining room. Add an iron chandelier to brighten up the space, making it appear bigger while giving the room the classic touch that’s all the rage in the 2020s.

Create Your Own Spa Room

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Let your lake house bathroom double as a spa room for the ideal contemporary bathing experience. Create an earthy, time-honored backdrop with stone tiles displaying neutral tones. Amplify the organic ambiance using a wooden vanity sporting a lovely natural finish. Swap out your built-in bathtub for a freestanding one overlooking your property’s lake — the perfect relaxing centerpiece.

Turn Your Lake House into a Home Today

Upgrading your lake house is as simple as adding contemporary designs to make the space both sharp-looking and functional for family and guests. Embrace the beauty of rustic decor combined with contemporary furnishings in the living room and kitchen, and add watery elements to the bedroom for a long-overdue calming oasis. Make the dining room and bathroom unforgettable with plenty of light and a spa-like feel, respectively. Consider all the above-listed contemporary design ideas as you seek to elevate your lake house living experience for seasons to come.

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