Must-Have Cat Essentials: Building a Starter Kit for New Cat Owners

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Have you decided to become a cat parent? Or has the cat distribution system finally found you? Either way, congratulations!

You’re about to discover the joys of living with a feisty ball of chaos, love, and entertainment. However, adopting a cat is a huge responsibility. To ensure your feline friend is happy, here’s a breakdown of all the supplies you’ll have to stock up on as a new owner.

A Sturdy Cat Carrier and Disposable Liners

As a new pet parent, there’s no way you can delay purchasing a sturdy cat carrier. You’ll need it a lot, whether you’re visiting the vet or traveling. You can go for a traditional crate, a synthetic bag-style carrier, or a backpack-style carrier. However, if you want to prioritize your cat’s comfort and safety—and maybe even increase your intimacy and bond—choosing soft and durable cat carriers made of cotton is recommended. Also, stock up on some disposable liners for mess-free car travels and vet visits.

Food and Water Bowls

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Feeding supplies are an investment, so choose something easy to clean and made of quality materials such as ceramic or stainless steel. If you don’t mind shelling out a little more cash, go for a water fountain instead of a water bowl. Cats find them irresistible!

High-Quality Vet-Approved Food

Many cat foods in the market are full of artificial preservatives and fillers. Instead of picking out the first bag of cat food you see in the aisle, consult your vet for your pet’s health and happiness. They’ll know the best brand of food for your cat’s specific nutritional needs. Make sure to transition your cat to the new food slowly to avoid digestive or picky eating issues.

Leash, Harness, Collar, and ID Tag

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Cats are genius escape artists. As a responsible owner, you’ll want to get a collar and an ID tag for your little furry friend ASAP. A leash and harness are also essential when you take your kitty outdoors.

Litter Box, Litter, Mat, and a Scoop

Every cat owner needs a litter box! You’ll also need litter, a mat to place under the box, and a scoop for cleaning up. Go for an unscented, natural, clumping litter if available because it’s safer for your cat and most of the time it’s easier to clean up.

A Cozy Bed or Cat Tree

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Cats spend a lot of time sleeping, so a cozy bed is essential for quality nap time. Look for a cave-style bed and place it in a secluded spot to give your cat some privacy and a sense of safety while sleeping. Alternatively, you can also go for a cat tree. Don’t be surprised if your cat chooses to sleep inside the cardboard box it came in, though!

A Scratching Post

Cats love scratching—a lot. It helps keep their claws naturally trimmed and acts as an outlet for all the energy they pack. Getting a dedicated scratch post can protect your furniture from kitty claw marks. Get one that’s taller than your cat and place it near your cat’s bed or in an easily accessible location.

Grooming Supplies

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Regular grooming is essential for your cat’s health. Short-haired cats will need grooming once a week whereas long-haired cats must be groomed every day to avoid matted hair and tangles. Different types of coats require different grooming supplies. You’ll need a comb and bath products as well as nail clippers and dental cleaning supplies to keep your cat’s nails and teeth in perfect order.

A Few Toys and Treats

Cats need lots of mental stimulation and playtime, especially if you’re planning on keeping them indoors. Spare no expense in spoiling your cat with toys such as feather wands, laser pointers, and interactive puzzles. Also, get cat treats to reward your kitty. They deserve it simply for being so cute!

Welcoming Your New Feline Friend

Bringing a cat into your home might be one of the best decisions of your life. By investing in the right supplies, you’ll ensure a smoother transition into this new life of endless fun for both you and your little fur baby. Remember to take your cat to the vet first thing for a health screening and microchipping. And don’t worry—stubborn as he is, your cat might not acknowledge it—but we know you’ll make a wonderful cat parent!

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