Theme-Based Home Party Decor: Transforming Your Space to Match the Occasion

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Without doubt, a theme-based party demands thoughtfully expressive decor. And when your home is the backdrop for the party, transforming the space to match the occasion is part of the fun!

It’s a party, so why color inside the lines when a touch of fanciful fun is entirely in order? Let’s go off-road to find some innovative ways to transform your space to match your theme and speak to the occasion the party’s celebrating.

Temporary Color

Theme: Life on Mars?

Occasion: Boomer Birthday

This theme calls for you to pull out the stops. A Boomer birthday party based on this theme has two prongs – the first is the red planet and the second, David Bowie. Bowie recorded the famous song this party theme is based on, juxtaposing the banality of human life against the possibility of life on Mars.

Red is the color you will paint your interiors without using paint. Instead, you will strategically remove some of the light bulbs currently illuminating your home, replacing them with red bulbs to complement your theme. To layer effects, project images of Bowie from the era onto your walls, creating your Martian landscape in its Boomer context. The dress code for your party is early 1970s glam rock, with plenty of makeup for everyone, feather boas, and luxe flares in plush fabrics like crushed velvet. Your soundtrack is the 1971 David Bowie album Hunky Dory, of course.

Transformative Light for Romantic Intrigue

Theme: The Casbah

Occasion: Surprise Landmark Wedding Anniversary

Is there any place on earth with a more mysterious cachet than Morocco? With its labyrinthine streets, laced with exotic spices and spicy intrigue, the possibilities for The Casbah (citadel or castle) as a party theme are almost endless. Using light and texture to create the ambiance of an ancient, North African Casbah is a walk in the teeming marketplace.

Don’t spare the candles. Sprinkle them liberally around your party environment in votive candle holders made of rattan and mercury glass in an array of jewel tones. By using candlelight, you’ve already changed the ambiance. And when you add candle holders that diffuse light by adding color or distinct patterns, you’re halfway to Marrakech!

Caftans for lounging on the floor on massive, nubby pillows are your dress code. Music is oud (string instrument) and tabla (small drum). Add to your Casbah ambiance by hiring musicians to play these regional instruments. The crowning touch? Water pipes (shisha) for your guests to smoke apple tobacco from as they lounge on the floor in their caftans.

Transform With Fabric and Projections

Theme: Pride in Space

Occasion: Pride

What could be more exciting than Pride in Space? To transform your home, why not use fabric in all the colors of the rainbow, draped strategically to create a surreal environment? Drape your furniture, drape your walls. Drape the powder room. You’re creating a spacey environment punctuated by the planets and the stars.

To create a night firmament, use indigo fabric for your ceilings, projecting whole constellations onto it. Elsewhere, project the moon and the planets. Keep your projections large enough to make your thematic point but small enough for them to be recognizable. Low lighting is, of course, necessary to gain the full and stunning effect. Your guests will feel they’re able to reach out and touch the moon!

The dress code is Star Trek sexy. The soundtrack is whatever you feel like dancing to. But it wouldn’t be right if Telstar by the Tornados didn’t arrive fashionably late and fabulously on theme.

Kitsch Touches Never Miss

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Theme: Beach Party

Occasion: Because Friday

The Beach Party is every Friday night’s best friend. With the right group of lovable weirdos, this is the theme party of the season, every time. Guests can volunteer their personal beach umbrellas to sit under, sipping a cold one with their Wayfarer shades on.

Push back the furniture and create a “beach” made of the most obnoxious beach towels you can find! Prop a surfboard or two against the wall and throw around a few colorful beach balls. Now fill the bathtub with ice to keep the summer beach libations icy cold.

Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, and bikinis are all fair game for your Beach Party. Just make sure you don’t miss slapping on the surfer tune without which it’s just not a beach party. Dick Dale and His Del-Tones kick your Beach Party into high gear!

Mediterranean Splendour

Theme: A Garden Party in the Med

Occasion: New Home Celebration

Summer fiestas demand that you use your imagination to transport your guests to someplace special. And what place could be more special than the Mediterranean? Yes, even your Minnesota backyard can be transformed into a sun-dappled patio overlooking the blue waters of the Med!

All you need to achieve this effect is a little imagination and some mismatched blue and white china. Gather simple table decorations like loose oranges, bunches of lavender in a variety of shabby chic vases, and an old lace tablecloth to set the scene. To create a Mediterranean grape vine bower, place inexpensive bamboo blinds atop similarly inexpensive bamboo poles. Now, add dollar-store artificial vines to top your bower off. You can practically smell the warm  Mediterranean sea air!

Your Garden Party dress code is linen and cotton in relaxed summer looks. The soundtrack is the delicate strumming of a mandolin. Light an herb-scented candle and your post-feast limoncello is bound to make you see visions of the moon in the middle of the ocean.

Imagination Transforms Everything

Photo by Bucography on Unsplash

It’s your party and you’ll go a little theme and decor crazy if you want to! With a bit of imagination, a few props, and a handful of fairy dust, you’re bound to create the most evocative, spirited home party decor your guests have ever seen. Remember that the more original the theme is, the more latitude you have to create and mount the party of the year! So put on your party theme thinking cap and let the creativity flow! Happy decorating!

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