The Best Ways And Places to Display Family Photos At Home

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Pictures capture unique moments in time. They’re like time machines to take us back to our best memories. Our pictures are priceless; finding tasteful and creative ways to display them at home helps to keep those precious memories close to your heart.

The Display

When you decide to display a family photo, the very first thing you will likely think about is how it will look on a wall, desk, or end table. You may begin thinking about the perfect frame to match the colors of the photo, or the accents that will make your memory stand out. While these are important considerations, among the first things you will want to consider is the size of the photo you want to display, because the size of your photo is actually what determines where and how you will display it. 

Photo Sizes

When it comes to family photos, bigger is not always better. Sometimes smaller photos do a better job of capturing the moment. To determine the best size for your photo, you will want to consider whether you are looking to accent a large wall or a small table top. Once you know where you’d like to display your photos, you should also consider if the space will support one or many photos of various colors, shapes, and sizes. 


a camera sitting on top of a pile of photos
a camera sitting on top of a pile of photos

Collages allow you to tell a story with a series of photos. Collages can be made up of just a few photos on a desk, or they can be elaborate, made up of pictures specifically chosen and laid out to sculpt a greater shape on a wall. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, made up of black and white photos in floating frames or color photos capturing multiple generations. 

Collages often begin with one photo and grow over time. This is why you will want to give some thought to where you would like to display the photo and the best size for that photo in that particular space.

Your Style

When you begin thinking about where to display your family photos, you should not only consider the photo’s size, theme, and whether it will stand alone or potentially become part of a collage, but you will also want to keep your style in mind. You can begin by sketching out ideas on a blank sheet of paper. 

If you need a little inspiration, take a look online for design ideas. You can also look at magazines and even model homes to see the latest trends and styles that may appeal to you. Take your time with this, as it is an important step. The photo you display will become part of the theme of the entire room.

The Perfect Picture Frame

Once you know the perfect size, place, and type of display for the family picture you have in mind, you will want to think about the type of picture frames you will need to bring your vision to life. Choosing the perfect picture frame requires you to not only select the correct size for the photo, but you should also need to consider the theme of both the picture and its place in your home.

Picture frames are the windows that display your memories. They are the texture that gives dimension and depth to your room and when you add your photo you will spark the memory that gives way to the emotion you desire. Your family photo, in its proper frame, shares the best parts of your life’s story. This is why the frame you choose, as well as the layout you’ve designed, should appeal to your unique style. 

The entirety of how you display your family photos will determine how you remember, and how others experience your memories, as well. This is why it’s so important to create the proper flow with your family photos.

Create Flow

Whether you are displaying your family photos in a hallway or a room, on the wall, or on the desk in your home office, you will be creating the flow of the room. Creating the right flow for a room impacts your daily experience. You don’t want to create clutter, you want to create an experience with your photos that nurtures harmony. You want to create a space with your photos that is warm and welcoming. 

How you move through your space and the memories you’re displaying will set the tone for the emotions your photos are meant to elicit. As you consider the design and layout for displaying your family photos, allow yourself to be creative. Whether you’re inspired by a design you saw or a friend’s layout, you should always incorporate your own creative ideas.

The Experience


brown wooden desk and chair inside room
brown wooden desk and chair inside room

When you choose a family photo to display in your home, you are not just displaying an image, you are creating an experience for yourself and for all who share your home. While it is important for your photos and the way they are displayed to be inviting, they should also conjure good feelings, because in the end, how you feel when you look at your family photos is truly what matters most. 

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