Your Backyard Oasis: Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

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Your yard is an extension of your home and should reflect your personality. It should also be functional. Here are five ways you can enhance your yard and make it your favorite space to be on your property. The best part? You don’t have to renovate your entire yard to improve your outdoor space. 

Add Beautiful Foliage

Give your yard a boost of color and unique, tropical appeal with beautiful plants with draping leaves. These exotic plants have glorious hues and blooms, adding charm and a surprising focal point to your yard. 

bromels rare brazilian plant

Still trying to decide what plants to consider? Adding epiphytes can make a huge difference in the appeal of your yard. They’re not only gorgeous, but they’re easier to care for than some other plants may be. If you don’t consider yourself a green thumb, these forgiving plants make it easy to feel like you have a greenhouse at your own home when you only have a plant or two potted in large, eye-catching pots. 

There are several varieties of epiphytes to consider, from philodendrons to air plants (air plants hardly need any watering at all). All epiphytes prefer little water when their soil becomes dry and a few hours of indirect sunlight daily, making them ideal for planting or potting under awnings, on back or front yard porches, or even in sunrooms for a splash of color and greenery. 

Add Cozy Seating

Gone are the days of simple wicker furnishings (unless that’s your thing), and here to stay are the new and modern furniture pieces that do surprisingly well outdoors while being just as cozy as your indoor options. From vinyl to classic wood, cozy seating can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your front or backyard style best and give your property the exterior allure you desire. 

Pieces to consider for your outdoor living space include a set of chairs, a large umbrella for shade, a small table for eating or reading, a storage ottoman for resting your feet and storing books and outdoor items, and a small shelving unit. These items can be mixed and matched to add a charming and unique appeal to your outdoor oasis living space, or you can buy matching sets to maintain a streamlined and modern appeal easily. 

patio furniture

Add flair to your outdoor cozy seating arrangement by completing the look with exterior paper lanterns and patio lighting, functional and charming tiki torches, solar water fountains, and aforementioned potted plants. 

Add Functional Shade

Sure, you likely get shade from your home itself and any trees you have large enough to provide a canopy of sun protection, but adding functional shade makes your yard much more predictably comfortable to be in. When the sun’s harsh rays are beating down on you, creating backyard shade in an instant is a huge benefit.

backyard shade

Retractable awnings not only make your patio or other entertainment space instantly shaded whenever you wish. They also offer protection from other elements, such as rain and snow. As a bonus, retractable awnings give you the freedom of being able to have an open sky above you for star-gazing or enjoying a cooler day and add attractive allure to your otherwise exposed exterior space. 

There are several other ways to add temporary shade to your yard, including installing large patio umbrellas, portable canopies, or even pergolas. Functional shade and overhead protection will allow you to enjoy your yard any time of year. 

Add a Firepit

fire pit

A firepit adds a hint of magic and woodsy allure to any yard and makes for a safe alternative to a campfire for when you feel like roasting s’mores and gathering around a night fire with your friends. You can make your own firepit out of rocks and bricks or invest in a contemporary fire pit to bring your patio or yard to a new level of fun. 

Before you add a firepit, consider where you want to put it, what you’ll use it for, and your budget. Also, deciding between a gas or wood-fueled firepit should also be considered. 

Add a Privacy Wall

A privacy wall lets you party it up and entertain guests — or simply enjoy your backyard oasis on your own — without worrying about disturbing your neighbors or feeling exposed to the entire neighborhood. The best part about a privacy wall is that it can be as long and as high as you’d like and doesn’t have to go the entire length of your yard.

private wall

You can even place a few walls next to one another to close in a patio space or make a backyard concrete slab more defined, all while offering privacy and seclusion from the rest of your yard. A privacy wall can be made of several materials. Vinyl is a popular choice for homeowners who want a modern and streamlined look to their backyard oasis. Consider a privacy wall made of bamboo or exotic wood for a more earthy and stylish look. A privacy wall can even be made of natural stone or simply designed out of standard red brick. It’s all up to you, depending on your budget, design preferences, and other determining factors. 

What Will You Do With Your Backyard Oasis? 

The best thing about transforming your yard into an entertaining and peaceful place to love is that there are no rules or limits to what you can do. Combine several interesting ideas to complete your yard, such as adding exotic plants and shrubbery with a pergola patio or installing a canopy with an alluring privacy wall. Your yard is your blank canvas, and with the right hardscaping and innovation, you can turn this exterior space into the favorite part of your property. 

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